Top Pitch Deck Design Agencies

Looking for a speedy solution to craft an impressive pitch deck that will captivate potential investors? Investing in the expertise of pitch deck designers is paramount for building a lasting impression during your presentations. Ignoring the significance of a well-designed pitch presentation could bring you down to your fundraising efforts. A meticulously designed pitch, coupled with easily digestible information and data, significantly increases the likelihood of garnering investor interest. Conversely, a hastily assembled PowerPoint presentation may fail to convey your message effectively.

For those needing more design skills, navigating the intricacies of PowerPoint can be daunting. Entrusting the task to professionals is highly advisable, as they possess the expertise to handle graphic design, font selection, and animation, resulting in a world-class pitch deck tailored to your unique requirements.

List of Best 5 Pitch Deck Design Agencies

Best 5  Pitch Deck Design Agencies

Here are the top 5 outstanding performance pitch deck design agencies of 2024 that offer customizable solutions to elevate your presentations:

1. SAG IPL Pitch Deck Design Agency

SAG IPL provides round-the-clock access to top-notch, branded designs for your pitch deck, as well as other essential business and marketing documents, SAG IPL emerges as the go-to for startups seeking pitch deck design services. SAG IPL seamlessly blends contemporary aesthetics with its expertise in visualizing data to captivate potential investors. It’s an ideal option for anyone striving to make a compelling impression while pitching their startup.

SAG IPL Pitch Deck Design Workflow:

  • We engage in detailed discussions regarding your project and thoroughly analyze the business plan to gain a clear understanding of the requirements.
  • Building upon the initial assessment, we craft a comprehensive design and content strategy, outlining the key elements to be incorporated into the pitch deck.
  • At this stage, our skilled writers transform your business plan into a captivating and engaging story, narrating your entrepreneurial journey effectively.
  • Subsequently, our proficient design team adds the essential visual elements, imparting a cohesive and polished appearance to your investment pitch deck.
  • The completed presentation undergoes rigorous testing by our analyst team before being delivered to the client, ensuring impeccable quality and performance.

2. Base Templates Pitch Deck Design Company

Base Templates was founded with insights gained from previous fundraising endeavors, Base Templates offers top-tier pitch deck creation services and a wealth of resources for startups seeking funding. With a straightforward pricing structure starting at $49 per slide, they ensure quality design and content creation, customized to your needs.

3. Slidebean Pitch Deck Firm

Slidebean – Established in 2013, provides a user-friendly platform for independent pitch deck creation, as well as collaboration with their design team for professional assistance. Offering plans starting from $39 per slide for redesigning existing decks to comprehensive packages starting at $2,199 for new deck creation, Slidebean ensures personalized attention and engaging presentations aligned with your brand narrative.

Their workflow is to select a plan, pay for the services, and provide feedback on the pitch deck tailored to your business. This streamlined process guarantees a seamless experience and a refined final product delivered in PDF and raw formats.

4. UnicornPitch Pitch Deck Services Agency

UnicornPitch, situated in Germany, offers bespoke design and content solutions tailored specifically for burgeoning startups. Renowned for their prompt and superior output, this agency prioritizes punctuality, ensuring clients are well-informed about delivery timelines. When engaging UnicornPitch for your pitch deck venture, expect absolute transparency. The agency goes the extra mile by furnishing all clients with a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), guaranteeing utmost confidentiality.

Upon determining your needs, initiating a project with UnicornPitch is straightforward. Following a scheduled meeting, clients collaborate closely with UnicornPitch experts to delve deeper into project specifics. Client feedback is highly encouraged, underscoring their commitment to satisfaction beyond mere project completion.

5. Slidepeak Pitch Deck Design Company

Slidepeak stands out as a professional design agency adept at crafting informative and captivating presentations, catering to businesses and marketers alike. Beyond excelling in pitch deck consultation, Slidepeak extends its expertise to crafting presentations for various domains. Whether employed for educational, business, or social initiatives, presentations crafted by Slidepeak elevate brand visibility and confer unique advantages.

Slidepeak’s team meticulously curates data from reputable sources like JSTOR and EBSCO, preserving valuable information securely. Rigorous plagiarism checks via Copyscape ensure content authenticity. Designers endeavor to infuse creativity into every project, maintaining clarity to facilitate audience comprehension. Collaboration with clients is integral, ensuring the delivery of stellar outcomes consistently.


Whether to outsource pitch deck design services depends on various factors. Experienced professionals may opt to create their pitch decks and, in most cases benefit from the expertise of professional design agencies like SAG IPL, which can provide innovative and visually striking designs tailored to your company’s needs. If budget constraints are a concern, seeking consultancy services to review and refine your pitch deck can also be a worthwhile investment and enhance its effectiveness.

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