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Today, the number of SEO agencies is so vast that it’s almost impossible to keep track. If you’re seeking SEO assistance, you might be wondering how to select the right agency from this massive industry. The SEO services market is projected to reach $134.26 billion by 2026, indicating a plethora of companies vying for a share.

So, where does this leave you, a business owner aiming to top Google’s search results, attract more traffic, and boost sales? It can be overwhelming and leave you uncertain about your next step.

You might be asking: How do I choose the best SEO agency? How can I identify a top SEO company that can organically rank its website without ads? What should I look for in an SEO agency? You’ll find answers to these questions here. Moreover, I’ll discuss SEO companies that deliver tangible business results, not just impressive statistics, to aid your search.

But before we delve into that, it’s crucial to understand what you need to do before you start your search. This involves identifying your goals and what you aim to achieve.

Know Your Goals and Desired Outcomes

Imagine this: You hastily book a last-minute flight from New York to meet business partners. Everything goes well, but when you land, you realize you’re in Beverly Hills, Texas, not Beverly Hills, California, where you intended to go. You’d be frustrated about wasting your time, wouldn’t you?

Hiring SEO agencies is similar to boarding a plane; each one could effectively improve your site’s organic ranking. But before you start, you need to ensure you select the right agency that aligns with your needs.

To identify the right SEO agency for you, you need to:

  1. Understand your business goals, and
  2. Know what you aim to achieve upon reaching those goals.

In SEO, different objectives necessitate different agencies. The primary types include:

  • SEO-optimized content marketing
  • Voice SEO
  • Link building
  • Local SEO
  • E-commerce SEO

However, this list might evolve as digital marketing, online trends, and Google continue to change.

As for your objectives, you might want to:

  • Improve the ranking of your entire website or specific keywords
  • Attract more qualified traffic and leads, or
  • Boost sales directly from organic search.

Your business goals and desired outcomes will dictate the SEO strategies and tactics you require. But since no SEO agency is a perfect match for all strategies, industries, and company sizes, understanding these basics is the first step in finding the right partner.

6 Main Traits of Top SEO Agencies

There are many SEO agencies out there. To help you pick the best one, here are some traits to look for.

1. A Defined Process for Executing SEO Strategies

Nowadays, anyone with a laptop, internet access, and a blog can claim to be an SEO expert. But that doesn’t mean they have the skills or a clear plan to carry out an effective SEO strategy.

A company can make big promises, but if it doesn’t have the know-how or a systematic approach, you won’t see any results.

So, how can you tell if a company can deliver on its promises?

Check out their website, do a quick Google search, and see if they appear in the top results. A good SEO company should have experience in improving their own Google rankings, and you should be able to find them easily in search results.

2. A Diverse Team of Experts

Improving SEO rankings and driving more traffic, leads, and sales requires a team of diverse specialists.

If an SEO company makes big promises but doesn’t show you the team that will deliver, be cautious. It could be a new company with a small team, or it might be planning to outsource your work to freelancers. This can lead to confusion and miscommunication, and things might not go as planned.

On the other hand, an established agency will have a team of experts ready to help. This includes strategic leaders, managers, and various specialist teams to implement your strategy. The best SEO companies are proud to showcase their talented team members.

3. An Impressive Portfolio

Checking out an agency’s portfolio is a straightforward way to assess the quality of their work. A strong portfolio indicates that they’re proud of their work and have a track record of success.

Looking at portfolios can also help you decide if an agency is a good fit for you. You can see the types of clients they work with and whether they have experience in your industry. Then, you can decide if you want to join their client roster and aim for similar results.

For instance, at NP Digital, we showcase some of our clients in our portfolio. This allows potential clients to see who we’ve worked with and the results we’ve achieved.

4. Real Customer Testimonials

SEO companies love to showcase their success. Creating successful SEO strategies, implementing them, and guiding teams to execute them is a tough job.

When an SEO company does all this and achieves great results, their customers often express their satisfaction through testimonials. This is a sign that they’ve received value for their money.

If an agency shares real testimonials from happy clients, you can trust them.

However, if you want to dig a little deeper, look for examples of their previous work and case studies. This will give you an idea of the quality of their work and their past achievements.

5. Industry-Specific Thought Leadership

SEO is always changing. So, how can you keep up with all these changes? By working with an SEO agency that has a recognized expert in the field. This is someone who is well-respected and known for their knowledge.

These experts are always learning and sharing their insights on platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, or their own blogs. They have a large audience and, most importantly, the expertise to help your online business grow.

These kinds of experts have a lot of knowledge and experience in SEO, which makes them very valuable.

6. A Clear-Cut Company Culture

Top SEO companies may not have a huge following on TikTok or thousands of blog posts, but they should be knowledgeable and keep up with the latest changes.

Take a look at their website. Are they keeping up with the latest SEO best practices and sharing advice to help businesses adapt for the greatest impact? Do they post content, share industry insights, and discuss upcoming changes?

4 Warning Signs When Choosing an SEO Agency

When selecting an SEO agency, there are certain warning signs you should be aware of. Collaborating with the wrong agency can result in expensive errors and wasted time, so it’s crucial to identify potential issues early on.

Here are some key warning signs to watch out for when choosing a reliable SEO agency:

1. Promising Rankings

The first red flag is promised results. Quality SEO takes time, and no trustworthy agency makes such promises. Like all website owners, agencies are subject to Google’s ever-changing algorithms. A single algorithm change can significantly impact the search engine results pages (SERPs), so no agency can guarantee website ranking.

2. Prioritizing Quantity Over Quality in Backlink-Building Techniques

Also, be cautious of agencies that use ineffective black-hat techniques like keyword stuffing or link farms. These practices can lead to your website being penalized by search engines, harming your online presence in the long term.

3. Extremely Low Price

You’ve heard the saying “You get what you pay for,” right? That often applies here.

Low pricing isn’t always a bad thing; it might just mean that the agency is new and charging low prices while getting established.

However, low pricing can indicate that the quality isn’t great, the agency might take shortcuts, or they use dishonest tactics that harm your site’s standing in the SERPs.

4. Lack of Portfolio or Customer Testimonial

 It’s crucial to research any potential SEO agencies before signing a contract, especially if they lack a portfolio or customer testimonials.

The absence of a portfolio or customer testimonials doesn’t necessarily mean that the agency isn’t good at its job. However, it should raise some concerns when researching potential SEO agencies.

If you’re unsure about an agency and it doesn’t have any testimonials, do more research, look for online reviews, and ask for examples of their work.

Best SEO agency for your online business

Here are the top 5 SEO agencies according to various sources:

  1. SAG IPL
  2. SmartSites
  3. Victorious
  4. WebFX
  5. OuterBox

SAG IPL is considered a good choice for SEO services based on various reviews. Their team’s deep understanding of SEO has also been appreciated. They have implemented strategies that have significantly boosted the organic visibility of websites. In fact, some customers have mentioned that their websites, which were previously struggling to secure a decent search engine ranking, now consistently appear at the top of search results.

Another aspect that stands out is their customer support. They are always available to answer queries, resolve issues, and provide regular updates on the progress of projects. Customers have described SAG IPL as a partner who understands their business goals and helps them achieve them.


SEO takes about 100 days to show results, but it varies by industry. The best SEO companies don’t promise instant success but show achievable goals and work towards them. Results improve over time, especially with a top-notch SEO company. Always remember, that not all agencies are equal. If you are looking for a reliable SEO agency then we will suggest you contact SAG IPL or any other company from the list. However, it’s always a good idea to do your own research and consult with a few agencies before making a decision. It’s important to choose an agency that aligns with your specific needs and goals.

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