Co-curricular activities are part of learning process where in students will get involved in differential methodology of learning. Opportunity to learn new things, make new hobbies that will have orientation towards their futuristic goals. The importance of Co-Curricular activities in school is as follows:

1. Improved Academic Performance for Co-Curricular Activities
The Co-Curricular activities with academic studies will help the students learn efficiently and effectively. Students pursuing their hobbies show results in studies.

2. Culture Values for Co-Curricular Activities
Students learn about performing art such as acting, poetry, music, dance, and painting. Bookish concepts can be applied in these artistic club based activities. These are one of those resource that you can utilize. Colleges provide these opportunities to develop artistic skills. One of my known was studying in Mohan Babu University he is now a you tuber and has been earning more than any regular job.

3. Personality Development for Co-Curricular Activities
The overall personality development requires co-curricular activities to be part of student’s college routine. The prospect of shared responsibilities gets develop in an individual when he/she gets involve in co-curricular activity.

4. Builds A Sense Of Responsibility
A research has found that 55 percent of human qualities and abilities are simply redundant for the performance of most modern jobs and Most of the other forty five percent have participants in co-curricular activities during their student days. Development of qualities and abilities make individual far more responsible.

5. Develops social skills
The best way to learn social skill is through participating in extra-curricular activities. It allows students to be comforted in all social situations. Students will be unafraid of trying new things and sharing his thoughts and be open minded that will boost his confidence level. The social skills will be crucial in doing corporate networking and in interpersonal relationships.

6. Teamwork
When student work in a team then he/she require to establish coordination. They learn the skill of Commitment Community Building, Flexibility, Leadership, Multitasking, and Perform Tasks.

7. Improves memory power
Research studies has shown that the students who participate in these activities do well in their life. The cognitive ability of these students increases tremendously when they get involve in these activities.

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