Do you want more engagement and turnover on Instagram? Do you have a commenting strategy? In this article, you’ll learn how to grow your customer base by responding to comments.

For what reason do businesses require an Instagram Comment Strategy

Comments on Instagram are more than just an indicator of growing a massive Instagram following. Before we delve deeper into the strategy, let’s look at why it makes so much sense to encourage comments on Instagram content from businesses and customers. Ideally, you want your organic social media content to reach and influence the largest audience possible. Engagement is one of the key factors that drives Instagram’s algorithm to show your content more often.

In other words, the more people interact with your content, the more often they will see your business on Instagram. This gives you more opportunities to capture the interest of your followers and convert them into customers.

This social channel offers much more value when companies use it to build relationships with their followers.

How to increase your responses and maximize meaningful engagement

Attract comments from the right people on Instagram

If you post a captivating photo or beautifully edited video on Instagram, you can expect your followers to respond unsolicited. Shouldn’t your audience naturally show interest or want to express their opinion?

You should encourage your followers to show the level of engagement you desire. Otherwise, followers will likely tend to double-tap and keep scrolling, resulting in far fewer responses than you would like.

Be direct and get your audience to comment. Include calls to action (CTAs) in your captions and tell your followers exactly how you want them to interact with your content.

Not every engagement-oriented CTA needs to be serious. Using an entertaining prompt can be just as effective at getting comments, starting a conversation, and increasing brand awareness at the same time. Don’t know what to say? Here are some ideas for getting feedback from your audience.

Turn Instagram Commenters into Customers

Are you ready to use Instagram comments? This is the final piece of the Instagram commenting strategy puzzle: converting engaged followers into paying customers.

The easiest way to use customer feedback is to respond to what your audience has to say. Responding to comments can make your brand seem responsive and engaging. Friendly banter with your followers may not result in immediate sales, but it is an important step in building a community and attracting loyal customers.

With a supportive feedback strategy, you can give people the information they need and convert concerned followers into satisfied customers. For example, in @kencko’s post above, a brand’s thoughtful response to a questionable comment leads to a conversion and a happy first customer.

Reply to the coil comment with a new coil

When you receive a particularly interesting comment on a reel, you can’t just pin it to the top of your feed. As of December 2021, you can now reply to a Reel comment with the brand-new Reel. The new Reel will appear in your comments feed and on Instagram, allowing you to create content that responds directly to your customers.

Use this feature to answer frequently asked questions or show others how to solve a common problem with your products. You can also respond to a request for a look behind the scenes or a short tour of your department. Because the comment appears as a sticker on your new ticker, viewers can easily understand the context of the video.

To respond using the scroll wheel, tap and reply to a comment. Instead of typing your answer, click the camera icon. When the Reels interface opens, tap to move the sticker or change its color. Then record your answer and post it.

Reply to a comment with a DM

If a comment requires a personal response, you don’t necessarily have to respond publicly. Instead, you can reply to any comment with a DM. Instead of tapping the Reply button below a comment, tap Post.

Benefit from meaningful comments on Instagram

Lots of comments on Instagram can have a positive impact on your business. The more comments you receive, the more opportunities you have to engage with your followers, attract customers, and build a community on Instagram. However, if your posts and videos generate dozens or hundreds of comments, the most valuable engagement may get lost in the mix.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to make your best responses visible. You can pin any comment to make sure it appears first. In the Instagram app, tap and then tap a comment to see more options. Then tap the pin icon to post your comment at the top.

When your content appears in the Instagram feed, people are more likely to see your pinned comment (and reply) than others. Because you can pin up to three comments, this strategy can help steer the conversation in a positive or helpful direction.

Hide spam comments on Instagram

Spam comments on Instagram are inevitable, no matter how good your content is. While you can simply ignore them, keep in mind that this type of interaction can affect customers’ perception of your brand, especially if it contains offensive content. Spam comments can diminish the value of positive reviews and thoughtful replies.

If you don’t have time to manually moderate and delete spam comments, don’t worry. You can automate most of the moderation process. First, write down some of the most common words and emojis that appear in these comments. Then add the terms and emojis to your list of hidden words on Instagram so your feed can automatically hide them.

In the Instagram app, tap to open Settings. Go to Privacy and select Word Search. In the Custom Words and Phrases section, check Hide comments.

Interact with other Instagram accounts

Don’t forget that you can also generate significant engagement with content from other accounts. By leaving relevant and helpful comments on content from top customers, top influencers, and even other companies, you can add value beyond your channel.

For example, you can respond to influencers and user-generated content that focuses on your business. You can also respond to posts with content related to your industry or topics that your brand supports.

There is no need to make your comments overly salesy. Instead, focus on providing support or information while seizing the opportunity for greater exposure and brand awareness.

At the end

Instagram comments don’t have to remain superficial engagement. With a thoughtful organic Instagram engagement strategy, you can drive more meaningful responses, helping you attract more customers and achieve your marketing goals.

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