Ranking a website or web page nowadays is more difficult than it was a few years ago. An SEO freelancer might be just what you need to stay competitive. Not only is competition fiercer, but continual changes in the algorithms that influence rankings make it much more difficult to stay on top of your SEO game. As a business owner, you may not have time to keep up with all of these developments and consistently update your website. As a result, you may need to hire an SEO freelancer.

But, before that, let’s first understand SEO Freelancer:

An SEO freelancer is a specialist that can assist you in increasing your presence on search engines. If you employ the proper one, they can help you rank for your primary keywords, allowing you to attract massive amounts of traffic to your website and business.

How to Hire SEO Freelancers

Before hiring, think about your unique SEO requirements. But first, let’s go through where to look for one. Some of the finest areas to look at (but are not limited to) are:

1. Job Boards 

Job boards are an excellent source of SEO skills. The most prominent forums screen all freelance marketers in their database, which saves you time and might help you avoid unsavory characters.

Here is a list of a few famous job boards for SEO freelancers comprising – 

  • Indeed 

Has an extensive pool of SEO freelancers. It is simple to search for applicants using various filters.

  • Upwork

Possibly the most popular freelancing platform on the globe. Has a stringent vetting procedure.

  • AngelList 

Many startups rely on a high-quality personnel pool. If you’re seeking technical SEO freelancers, this is the finest option.

  • ProBlogger 

If you’re seeking SEO writers, this is one of the greatest sites.

  • Craigslist 

Another excellent source of SEO talent. Unfortunately, you will have to do your own applicant screening.

  • Fiverr

This is an excellent resource for finding low-cost SEO freelancers, but you may have to wade through a lot of profiles to find the appropriate individual.

2. Social Media 

Social media is increasingly playing a significant part in the recruiting process, assisting firms in locating top talent. If you’re seeking the greatest SEO freelancers, you’ll discover them on social media sites such as:

  • Facebook 
  • Linkedin 
  • Reddit 
  • Twitter 

When posting your requirement for an SEO freelancer, incorporate a relevant hashtag (such as #SEOfreelancers).

3. Ask Google 

Most SEO freelancers have websites to promote their services, and if they practice what they teach, their websites should rank well on Google for their keywords (such as SEO freelancer and other LSI keywords).

So, if you’re seeking SEO freelancers, a quick Google search will help you find pros to do your SEO responsibilities.

If you want one who is local to you, simply Google “SEO freelancer+your area” to get the top local SEO freelancers in your area.

4. Reach out to your connections

If you have a large professional network, chances are someone in your circle has hired a great SEO freelancer. Consider seeking advice from other company executives you respect.

How hiring an SEO Freelancer different from hiring an SEO Company?

SEO is a vast discipline that encompasses practically every aspect of Internet marketing. 

Here are the main services that SEO freelancers frequently offer – 

1. Keyword Research 

Keyword research is a fundamental component of SEO. This is the practice of determining search phrases that users type into search engines while looking for anything. Finding the keywords people use to search for your products or services is critical to improving your SEO.

This fundamental practice is one of the methods an SEO freelancer can assist your company in ranking high.

2. Content Strategy 

Content strategy plans the entire process of creating content. It encompasses, among other things, the following disciplines:

  • keyword research 
  • Comprehending user intent
  • Making headlines that are optimized
  • Developing content outlines
  • Deciding on content kinds
  • Selecting the best channels for content distribution

3. Content Creation 

Content generation is another important aspect of SEO. SEO content creation is a science that few people comprehend. It necessitates an understanding of good keyword placement, content architecture, formatting, and writing in the desired tone of your audience, among other things. While anybody can write well, not everyone can write well for SEO.

Again, this is one of the few ways an SEO freelancer may help your company grow.

4. Link Building 

Aside from content, link development is an important element of SEO. This is due to the fact that search engines utilize links to determine the authority of information and websites.

A good SEO freelancer understands the significance of monitoring your backlink profile. This is significant since harmful backlinks might harm your SEO. Link building is a time-consuming endeavor that needs knowledge of the best kind of connections to develop as well as effective tactics.

SEO Company 

Balancing efforts across numerous channels, in particular for online firms, requires determining which ones provide the highest advantages and deciding how to improve on them – for anything from social networking to paid advertising to email outreach and more. When you consider the time and effort needed, as well as the fact that the nature of search engines frequently makes it feel like a guessing game, the benefits of employing an SEO company may not be as obvious.

However, for SEO professionals, the benefits are obvious, as are the elements involved. Because search engines like Google and Bing frequently change their search algorithms, many businesses are irritated by apparently random changes in traffic and keyword ranks. SEO might feel like it’s not worth it for websites that don’t know what they’re doing or for businesses that aren’t aware that they might be doing anything wrong.

Therefore, you need to hire a professional SEO company:

1. Instant Team with Real Knowledge

When you hire an SEO company, you already have the labor. This saves you days of combing through resumes, interviews, and hiring back and forth. Also, how can you be positive that the individual you’re recruiting is the ideal person for the position if you don’t completely grasp SEO? A professional SEO company has hundreds of qualified personnel to assist in strategy development and problem resolution.

2. Connections and Collaborative Efforts

Your project should be seen by numerous professionals with the same knowledge and skill that an SEO agency has. Rather than forming your own team, the choice and strategy underlying your SEO campaign are reviewed by other managers, directors, and vice presidents. Putting all of your eggs in one basket and relying on a single person to sell your business online is dangerous. The reality is that without the benefit of numerous experienced eyes on a campaign, stupid judgments based on inexperience or a lack of expertise may dramatically harm your SEO in the short and long run.

3. Proven Experience, Expertise, and Education

Signing up with a reputable SEO company not only gets your campaign up and running quickly, but they’re also there to answer questions, counsel, and weigh in on other forms of internet marketing. A professional SEO business will often have a track record that includes case studies and a large SEO staff.

Furthermore, depending on the organization, they will invest thousands of dollars in updating their staff’s skills by allocating time for research, testing, and attending SEO conferences throughout the country.

4. Performance Driven

SEO firms would go to any length to maintain you as a client. This mindset promotes increased productivity and greater levels of performance. All SEO businesses should monitor campaign progress via analytics, rankings, and total return on investment. Hiring an in-house SEO can also produce excellent results; but, because the working attitude is significantly different, the outcomes might vary greatly.

5. Much Easier to Manage

Reputable SEO firms should be ready at all times. During business hours, you should be able to pick up the phone and call them. For many businesses, SEO may be highly complex, and they don’t want much more than phone calls and precise data to demonstrate value. The reality is that entrusting your SEO job to seasoned pros is easier to handle. It takes less time out of your day while providing the same value.

6. Case Studies and Multiple Success Clients

When looking for an in-house SEO or an SEO business, look at their prior work. Allowing an inexperienced person to manage your campaign may be harmful. A portfolio of successful clients is required, and a professional SEO service will have several case studies to demonstrate their skills. If the SEO agency you’re considering doesn’t have any examples of successful campaigns, keep looking.

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