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If those don’t work for whatever reason–perhaps because they don’t provide enough information or aren’t updated frequently enough–there are other tools available.

Creating Content for User Intent

One of the most important things you can do to optimise your website is to create content that is relevant for users. This means using keywords in the title and meta description, as well as in the body of the article itself. It also means making sure that all images have alt text (the alternative text attribute) filled out with relevant keywords. 

And finally, make sure your site is mobile-friendly so visitors aren’t turned off by an unappealing experience on their phones or tablets!

Another important aspect of optimising your website is to make sure that users can find and easily navigate to the pages they want. This means using breadcrumbs (a series of links that show where you are in relation to the site’s hierarchy), as well as a sitemap (a list of all pages on the site).

Make Sure Your Site Is Mobile-Friendly

  • How to test your website’s mobile-friendliness: Go to Google and search for “is [your website] mobile friendly?” You’ll see a message telling you if it’s not, with suggestions on how to fix the problem.
  • How to make your site mobile-friendly: If you’re using WordPress or another CMS (Content Management System), there are plugins that can help make sure everything works well on all devices.

If you’re using a bespoke website, there are many different ways of making it mobile-friendly. One option is to use a responsive template; another is to use CSS media queries to change the layout based on screen sise.


Optimising your website with White Hat SEO Services in Gold Coast is a great way to improve your site’s visibility on search engines and drive more traffic. You can use these tips to get started on creating an optimised site now!

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